Exceptional customer service!

A review of GavelThief by ppie4me
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Exceptional customer service!
10 Dec 2008
I used another Auction Sniper service that had issues with reliability and seemed slow to respond to those issues and their forum was the same people tossing barbs at each other and not helping much.

I heard about GavelThief but was worried because it was so new and faced tought competition but decided to try it. The response to a few of my suggestions and comments was in a word, unprecedented! As others have said, things were fixed in a matter of hours! And new features were implemented before people even suggested them.

I placed numerous small bids to test it and found the timing to be rock solid. The layout is easy to read, easy to update and the bid groups have some nice options on winning.

I used the other service for years - today, I got a 'come back' type of message because I stopped using them for so long. Ive switched to GavelThief for good. It hasn't let me down yet and the support is the thing I appreciate the most. Funny, I never even bothered to post with the other service but I have with GavelThief and the people that have joined are nice and also have only nice things to say about the service.

Bottom line, if you're not happy with your other service, give GavelThief a try! It's free and you can always use your other service as a backup till you're convinced. Since it bids as you, you can't raise your own bid - how can it hurt? If nothing else, sign up and place some bids on items you don't really care about, just to see how it works and how accurate the timing is. Or make a suggestion as a 'free user' and see the response you get.

You have a lot of choices for a sniper service - but you don't have a lot of choices for excellent customer service! Highly recommended!
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