Good software but overpriced for the average seller.

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Good software but overpriced for the average seller.
17 Dec 2008
The main problem that I have with Laris is just like every other company. They never tell you all the details up front until you are halfway in the sheets with them, too late to get out. You really have to pay a lot upfront to get a good feel for the software and it takes way longer then 10 days to understand all the features.

The software works, its not the smoothest integration. It does a good job of automating all of the processes but it also has way too many. The main point of the software is to integrate from different warehouses, different locations and different products. So if you are a medium eBay seller, you better be doing well in terms of profit to afford the software. I think the 400 dollar training fee is absolutly redicious. Training should be free. What if you are up and running, and dont like the software after a few months? Why should I, the buyer, pay for a product that you should be talking me into using? I might have stuck with the program if there were no fee. There is also a contract involved, unless they changed that.

Its a good product, but its something that you definitely will pay for. There are cheaper solutions out there. I wish I could give a more detailed review of the service, but I think if you have an unlimited budget..go for it and try it out. But just realize that you are going to spend more then you think.

Note: The latest Laris review on December 1st was on the same day they updated their webpage and software to a new look. That review is too polished in my opinion ,and I would say it was written by a Laris staff member.
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