Worst Supported Program Ever

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Worst Supported Program Ever
3 Jan 2009
I have used Auctiva for over a year now and there are some positives, but the negatives truly outweigh them. The templates are nice, but not great and they are limited. The listing page is useful, but as in all programs this is what you would expect.
The support is absolutely terrible. There is no telephone number to call at all - not even a corporate number or sales and information number. The support on line says they are live from 9-6PM PST, but when you click on the live support, it either tells you they are off line, or worse yet it connects you and makes you wait 10 - 30 minutes, then flashes off and says they are off line. I have spoken to several other Auctiva customers and they all experience this. I have also filed support forms with them and they generally go unanswered. When they do respond it days a day or two and they give me some canned response - generally that does not work anyway.
Another issue is that if I schedule a listing to start at 10PM EST, that is when I need it to start. I scheduled ten listings in a row to start at 10PM with one minute increments - Auctiva had a problem connecting to eBay and started the auctions at 3am in increments. This was totally useless for me and cost me money as I had to stop them and relist them because Auctiva had an issue. I was fine the first time this happened with losing the money and the week, but the second time it happened was not acceptable.
The response I received from support was that it was an Ebay issue,but ebay denied it and said that nothing was wrong on their site - which I believe.
I also have an issue with finding items using their prefilled forms and have receive no responses to my support or live chat attempts for the last week - that cost me too much money and now I am moving on.
Another major issue is that they use their own checkout - so my clients with ebay gift cards or ebay credits find it very very hard to use their credits and auctiva won't help them. I lost a couple of sales due to this when the clients walked away from me.
Auctiva needs to really ramp up their support and care more about their customers before they make a go of it. The product is not bad, but due to such poor support and poorly written code in my opinion makes this an overall very bad choice!
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