Sad to see a once-great program go downhill so badly

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Sad to see a once-great program go downhill so badly
8 Jan 2009
Dan Hite created a great sniping program when he developed Auction Sentry. Updates were fast and worked. Customer support was fantastic. Lots of us bought lifetime licenses. Lots of us told other people about it, and lots of them bought lifetime licenses too.

Then Auctiva bought Auction Sentry.

Now the program doesn't work properly. Those on the non-deluxe edition (even those who purchased lifetime licenses) were told that it was to be abandoned - Auctiva changed its mind on that (perhaps after looking into their legal obligations? I don't know.)

Now, when you open an ebay auction page from the program, you're redirected through an affiliate - not that anyone from Auction Sentry has ever told users this, nor will they respond to mentions of it on their forums. In fact the word "Auctiva" is automatically blocked from their forums - mention it, and you'll discover it's been replaced with a row of asterisks in your post. Or you'll discover that your post has simply been deleted. Ask why users weren't informed about this, or why the forums are censored in this way, and your post will probably be deleted.

Private messaging has been disabled on the forums, so all communications with other users are monitored.

Censorship, dishonesty, lack of support, lack of transparency - who would ever recommend software owned by a company behaving that way?
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