Shopster Stinks - That's the truth

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Shopster Stinks - That's the truth
27 Jan 2009
If you looking to make money, don't use Shopster.

Ok, it's true they have a lot of products and they take care of everything - That's good. But sometimes their system is down for hours and customers can buy the products. And it's not just once - sometimes it's every saturday and sundays.

You can not make with shopter - why? the profit margin is too small. I sold $ 30000 of products - and I actually lost money in marketing.

And guess what - alot of stores and even their best stores - just quit after realizing that money can't be made.

I had 2 stores - I sold thousands and thousands of dollars of merchandises and I lost money - It's a waste of time
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RE: Shopster Stinks
17 Sep 2010
How can you lose money when you sell $30000 of products?? When you sold 1000$ and are not making any profits from this website you shoud stop selling no?
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