Robust and easy to use listing/management solution

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Robust and easy to use listing/management solution
9 Feb 2009
I have been with Vendio for slighlty over a year now, and it has helped me in more ways than I thought it would. Originally I was just looking for a listing solution to get semi-serious about selling on eBay and chose Vendio on the recommendation of a friend. I found the listing process to be easy and complete and loved the automation that I was able to create. Things started to go well so I started to get more serious, and as this happened I started to use sales analyzer and research. Essentially they ended up helping me determine which of my products were doing the best and how/when i could list them to get the highest sales price - it also helped to see how my competition had been listing and adjust how I listed. Things continue to go well so no complaints here.
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