Software for working with drop shippers

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Software for working with drop shippers
12 Jan 2006
Dear All,
I have two eBay accounts, one in which I sell junk (whoops) I find lying around and another which I sell merchandise from drop shippers. The first "personal" account I feel I have under control but I am looking for some software program tailored for working with drop shippers that will automate the passage of info from buyer to drop shipper etc. etc. Could someone suggest something great???

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Re: Software for working with drop shippers
14 Jan 2006
If you just want it to send them emails, then it is very simple. I can help you with such a tool.. If you want to upload your orders and shipping information to be processed on their server, it is slightly more complicated.

What sort of interface to these drop shippers have that you could utilize to send them information? If they have web servers that can receive the information then yes this software can be developed.

How do you currently send them your orders?

I would inquire with them about whether they can support something like this, or maybe if they already have something you can use.

Do you have a databse for these drop-ship products? Are you currently using any auction software?

Let me know and I'll see if I can help you more.
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Re: Software for working with drop shippers
15 Jan 2006
I am not sure whether you have your dropshipper or not but if you go to

I think you will find that their software & website will daily update automatically the drop shippers inventory. It also can handle sales. They have a free trial and quite a few "real" dropshippers that they work with. On the electronics side, they have access to Petra, one of many. they can also do feeds to your website if you meet certain requirements.

I am not sure but it wouldn't suprise me if they were connected to World Wide Brands, a solid paid listing of dropshippers. This list is the real McCoy and the people listed are not a dropshipper of a dropshipper of a dropshipper.

Check it out.

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