Want to ruin your eBay account?

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Want to ruin your eBay account?
1 Mar 2009
Be warned the moment you sign up for an Auctiva account they will insert their logo on all your eBay listing and insert and Auctiva gallery scroll bar right above your item description in a place that may be very distracting and makes your listing look ****, and insert an Sellathalon counter and other annoying things in all of your listing even if you dont ever use their site to list one item.

If you know how to edit html then you can spend hours going through all of your ebay listing removing the large amounts of code they have splashed around everywhere, or if you dont know how to edit html then your stuck with their logos and icon splashed around everywhere on your eBay listing. Anyway I dont remember being asked if I wanted this to happen.
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10 Apr 2009
All those things can easily be turned off in your Auctiva account. What did you sign up with Auctiva for if you didn't even want to use them to list on eBay?
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