Falling apart

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Falling apart
3 Mar 2009
I can't recommend BidSlammer at the moment. After several years of reasonably good service, their recent work on the system has caused chaos. Perhaps one day they'll get their act together again, but for now DON'T USE IT.

Their recording of whether or not you've actually won an auction by sniping/slamming is all over the place, with many misses being recorded - AND CHARGED - as wins. Now I can't actually log off the system. I click the log off link and a page appears saying I'm logged off the system, but the next time I go to site, I am already logged in. Some sort of serious security compromise.

The latest that may or may not have something to do with Bidslammer, is that my eBay account has been compromised with someone accessing it and listing items. eBay has sorted that out and I've had to change eBay and email passwords. But given the recent state of the Bidslammer site, I can only presume that it is the probable cause of someone gaining access to my eBay account.

Has anyone else using Bidslammer had a recent account scare on eBay?
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4 Jul 2010
Yeah I have experienced similar problems. At present - right now, their site is down, and I have no way of changing, removing a bid I placed yesterday! Their server hasn't been responding for the past 3 hours! It was great 5 years ago - now BidSlammer slammed itself to the floor, and sux big time!!!
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Had a problem last month...
9 Dec 2010
...and they won't resond to my trouble ticket now. They were great 2 years ago when I started using them now...well, lots of issues and it's cost me quite a bit of money. I'll investiaging other services.
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