bad experience with AuctionStealer

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bad experience with AuctionStealer
5 May 2009
They take your money from paypal via e-cheque and due to the time it takes to clear you are locked out of your account once a month for a few days.
Thats not the worst of it though as during this time all of your previously set snipes are inacsessable , meaning you can't go in and cancel them if need be.
This resulted in me winning several items I no longer needed as I'd won duplicate items prior to the monthly lockout.
The emails from them need to be seen to be belived, they have no respect for their paying customers whatsoever.
I'm going to demand a full refund and give auction sleuth a try.
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There are bidding groups
21 Aug 2009
If you won multiple versions of the same item, you failed to utilise the bidding group functionality of AuctionStealer. Its possible to group items together, and then once an auction has been won, all the other items are pulled.

I have never been locked out of my account. Is this a shill review??
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