Most buggy software ever!

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Most buggy software ever!
19 May 2009
I'm reviewing Infopia from a web designer/developer's point of view. Recentaly I acquired 2 customers who both use Infopia and this is their story: nothing but problems or bugs on a DAILY basis! Their category and subcategory structure is extremely confusing and doesn't work properly with importing inventory, even though the import is perfectly correct. If you have several products that have the same subsubcategories under style and size, when you go try to edit these they all show up in the same place. For example, you click on a category, then do Expand, then Expand again you see all subsubcategories of every category there, not just the one you're working on.
Another time all images disappeared, took more than a month to reconstitute. Today the Shipping Tab's calculator has disappeared, they don't know when that will be fixed... MInd you, this is just a small glimpse of the extend of their problems!

I'm used to simple PHP shopping carts and all of them are better than this one. It's that INfopia has the marketplace listings integrated or we'd switch. Personally I'd rather manage those in a separate program so you don't have to put up with Infopia's buggy interface and unstable database system.

THINK TWICE before entering in a contract with them! Be prepared for lots of issues and problems and sleepless nights! Do hire an IT person because unless you know HTML, CSS and have a technical brain you will find this the most unuser-frinedly system you've ever come across!
Nothing is simple. Whoever designed this system did not have a user in mind. It must have been the most illogical person/team ever!
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Too many Bugs, didnt' provide important info up front, poor support
3 Jul 2009
Concur with comments. The system is buggy in ways that are too extensive to comment about.

Also, Infopia failed to give us important information up front. Their integration with eBay is limited. You'll have to forego eBay advantages or do everything by hand yourself (forget about the slick automated system)l. Had they provided information to our questions at the beginning, we would not have joined them. Once you're involved, it's an expensive nightmare to disengage.

Also, they advertise a niffty webstore that gets a ton of attention. What they don't tell you that this comes at an additional price and without their support. You'll have to independently set things up with a third party and it will cost you plenty in terms of time ( you will either do the work yourself or pay a great deal of money, separate from Inopia, to get the work done. Some businesses that we've talked to have spent over 500 hours completing SEO. And Infopia Tech help takes months.
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Don't Do IT
27 Sep 2010
What LeeV says is just a sample of the issues we had with Infopia. I credit Infopia for absolutely wrecking my web based business. The would promise a lot and never deliver. Every time we had an issue it was "we have never seen anything like this before, it appears to be an isolated incident".

It was just one issue after another until we left. It was the worst (and most expensive) tech decision we ever made.

Oh, and if you have issues (that should be non-issues on any other system) and you can't figure it out on your own...prepare to pay their "professional services" department over $120/hr to fix...what shouldn't be broken anyway.
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