Expensive but not bad

A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by Jax Music Supply
Max Meadows, VA United States
Jax Music Supply
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Expensive but not bad
25 May 2009
We went to Channel Advisor after demoing 3 integrated software and a failed Zoovy integration. We are 2 months into Channel Advisor Marketplace and have not fully exploited its potential. It offers lots of selling channels administrated from a single place.


1. Inventory managed from single place

2. Schedules - continuously automate inventory listings based on your rules in all channels. Very convenient for eBay and Amazon. This automatically relists items that are zeroed when you add inventory, based on your settings of course.

3. Integrates well with ShipWorks.

4. Built in templates are high quality and customized templates can be created.

5. Template tags allow a high degree of flexibility in your listings.

6. Bulk loading of inventory is realtively simple once you get the hang of it.

7. Training is pretty good but hard to judge in that I have a technical background. Others may find it less comprehensive.

8. Amazon is pretty easy to integrate although not as extensive integration as eBay. This seems to be more of an Amazon shortcoming than a Channel Advisor problem. CA does push Amazon as a company that is doing right but my experience shows this to be more the type of items you sell rather than a wholesale answer.


1. No warning on low inventory. No way to set up a re-order message. This is a big flaw for something that bills itself as an "inventory" system.

2. If you sell a lot of eBay your sales will drop at first. This is because you have to relist all of your listings and lose the eBay search credibility Take about a month to build it back up.

3. The included webstore is not very good. You can pay extra for a better store but even its not as feature rich as most stores and will require professional design skills.

4. Accounting system integration is non-existent. I download sales and then convert to IIF for integration to QB.

We have done none of the other integrations (Buy.com, Shopzilla, etc.) that is the heart of the system. Will provide an updated review when have obtained more experience.

Jax Music Supply
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