Why mess up a good thing !

A review of Auctiva by rwall17
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Why mess up a good thing !
2 Jun 2009
I have been using Auctiva for about a year now. I conisidered it the next best thing to sliced bread. I love what the software can do and you can put listings together in pretty short time. Because you can save the istings and re-edit them you can recreate similar listings super fast. You can upload your images and then select multiple images (around 20) to include in your listing without any additiona photo fees. I also like being able to add on Auctiva's insurance as a convience and enjoyed the small commission recieved back whenever the buyer chose to add insurance to the shipping. I was attracted to Acutiva because of the free mutiple photo listings and the cost to use which was FREE FREE FREE !

WELL, NOT ANY MORE ! Auctiva has now implimented a multi layer fee structure that has me shopping for a new solution. They now charge you a fee to store your images, a fee to place a listing, and in some cases a transaction percentage as well as a monthly fee. And they still get to make the money on the insurance.

What used to be free would now cost me about $ 75 a month. May not seem like a lot but when you add on eBay's Fee's and PayPals Fees , Shipping Fees and who know what else, it's starting to get pretty hard to make any money.

Everyone want's to get deeper into you pocket. Auctiva gets the insurance money, and advertising money, but I guess that's not enough. I feel like I was sucered in with the "USE US, WE'RE FREE" story and once they have you let's change the rules.

The only thing I didn't see new with new fee structure was something new and different for the user? $75 bucks a month for nothing new seems a little steep? How about some customer service? That might be worth something because there sure hasn't been any customer service in the past. Send an email and wait a couple of days for a reply... Maybe. If they are going to charge and stay in business, then they are going to have to get some real time customer service and I haven't seen it yet.

Final Review is good software, once you learn to use it, Over priced for what your getting! , Terible Customer Service.
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