Vendio is ok ,but really it will not automaticly deduct inventory if.......

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Vendio is ok ,but really it will not automaticly deduct inventory if.......
26 Jun 2009
I have tried several third party software like Vendio platform or Auctiva,Selling Manager pro,
I can only say that inkFrog is a better solution plus it is only 9.95 a month ,(just comapare to vendio and see the savings), and also very clear on the computer screen(to see),also not to mention that is very user friendly,also i liked because it update everything from my eBay status, from payments to feedback and since i used shipwork for sending packages ,once you update ShipWorks ,it sends all the info to myebay and the in to inkfrog (this amazing and is not working with vendio),also when you list a auction ,you can check the price before lunching(also not in vendio)also vendio charge final value fee of 1.95% to 1% depends on sales valumes(yes, its free for now till the of 2009, but what for later..,and once you use vendio , some people are not interesting to try a new software..after much time spend with vendio... ) also you can revise active and non active auction(yes vendio has the feature but you will pay extra for it and if you revise more than 100 ,it will cost an additional fees extra for each listing,its is ridiculous),the only avantage with vendio that you can send listing on multiple channels,and also that you get a free store(but inkfrog also offer a free store)(but no really an avantage,because for instant,if you have a single item to sell,yes, you can send the item to Amazon and ebay ,but beawere!!!! that if it sell on ebay in will not take down the item form amazon automatically and same goes for amazon(by the way ,the same goes with vendio store)
,you have to do it manually, so it very hard to remember this all the time,so what am suggesting to all to ebay users to use inkfrog for ebay listing, and use is an an ebay company )to sell on other channels .like shopzilla or will not work for amazon)(because prostore synchronize directly with ebay,so if you sell on prostore,it will automaticly deduct from ebay and end the item ,that goes also if it sells on ebay it will take the item down from the store
thank and i wish everybody good lack
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