Auto Delivery of Information Products

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Auto Delivery of Information Products
26 Jan 2006
Does anyone know if there is an eBay solution that can be set up to automatically send buyers download lins to "information" products such as ebooks?

One option I have seen sellers use is to customize the "payment received" email and include the link there, but this will only work if you sell only 1 information product.

I have many different products and need a custom email auto sent to the customer with a download link to that specific product after their payment has been received. I need this done automatically for each "information" product, I do not want to have to send the emails manually.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Auto Delivery of Information Products
27 Jan 2006
1. make sure your product complies with eBay restrictions. as we all know, they can pull ads quickly. shoot before ask is sometimes there motto.

2. I can appreciate you wanting to automate as much as possible the ebay experience but not sure that eBay has that possibility after doing some quick research. PayPal has the capibility to redirect someone after paying but I don't think that will work well with eBay. It is more for your ownwebsite.

3. I would suggest checking with Marketworks, AuctionChannel, and maybe even Mpire. Also check out eBay Solutions Directory ( It has a wealth of information.
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Re: Auto Delivery of Information Products
28 Jan 2006
There are a few solutions out there for delivering downloads, but they tend to integrate directly with PayPal rather than eBay, which isn't a problem if you only accept PayPal as payment. Take a look at:

My Digital Dispatch
Modular Merchant

If you have a website a good programmer should be able to write the code to automate downloads, triggered by PayPal payment, from scratch.
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