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Absolute Trash
16 Jul 2009
I wish I could award this non event with a Zero, One star is Way too generous!!

After spending an age installing and re-installing this rubbish, I finally got it to log in to my eBay account, but the App finally fell over during the last update session for category updates - with continual bad hang-ups.
Rebooting the pc didn't improve things, and the only way to kill it was to end process via Task Manager.

Also excessive CPU and memory hogging - 75% - 100% CPU and C60-70% memory.
Even though the App was granted access rights in my firewall (KIS), it caused the AV scanner to run continuously.

After a week of nightmares trying to get TurboLister2 to run - and thrown the towel in with it, (used TL for 7 years), this junk is the final straw - looks like paying Auctiva or inkFrog!

Save yourselves some heartache and wasted time and forget this monster!

Running Vista SP2, with 2GB Ram, 2Gig Readyboost Flash card, and a dual core Pentium T2310
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