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eSeller Pro is the best
1 Aug 2009
I have been an Esp user for more then 2 years now, and just happened to be looking at auction software review and see here that no one has left a review lately.

Here is my opinion: Reliable, Innovative, Nice, Quick to adapt to new eBay policy and code, Integrates all sorts of ecommerce in one place, Great Value. Bottom line, this program saves you time and money. It allows you to streamline to sell more and reduce overhead. You will be able to reduce your staff or stop working so much yourself if you take the time to correctly set up and use their program.

What qualifies me to say this? I have been selling on the internet since 2001. I currently have more then 16,000 items for sale under 5 different eBay ids and one off eBay site. Collectively my ids have more then 34,000 positive feedbacks. I have used many programs like Make A Store, Andale, Vendio, Zoovy, Turbo Lister, Selling Manager Pro, Blackthorne, and have demoed Kyozo, Channel Advisor and Infopia. I have attended 2 eBay Live’s and have extensively questioned every software provider at each. (And no one asked me to post this, I just think they deserve some credit for a job well done)

Most impressive thing about esp – Nice People, who believe in their product - I am from USA, it is so special to speak to people who are proud of their program and WANT it to work correctly and be the BEST, such a huge change from anything I have experienced with any other programs here in the USA. If there is a glitch is it fixed. Even minor ones. If there is a major issue, it’s corrected ASAP. There is no trouble contacting anyone, there is a wiki, online support, help ticket system, FAQs, and knowledgebase. If all else fails, someone will contact you via skype or phone.

Some of my favorite features:
Supports the new eBay Custom Item Specific function (I think they may be the only company who have implemented it at this point).
Managing multiple eBay ids and the off eBay site through one system, all packaging and shipping is done together (and at the same time all documentation is specialized for each store)
My Message module (they have a module which brings in all you’re my messages from each id into one place and allows you to answer them individually but offers a customizable standard answer system to answer repetitive questions).
Automated reorder system (They actually have a set up which can fax or email your supplier when your stock is low with an order)

The little things:
Customizable flags to flag inventory items or questions in the my message system.
Ability to combine and uncombined orders easily
Ability to quickly process a refund, add back stock, eMail customer, and place eBay dispute all on one screen in one action.
Ability to barcode invoices and stock items.
Can copy orders and copy inventory items easily
Can process quick overpaid shipping refund or process a credit card payment quickly in one step while just glancing at the order.

I really think this is the best program out there. I probably take for granted at this point a million things which drove me nuts about other software, I wish I could think of all the things which used to concern me about a program which I no longer think about. I can’t stress enough that this program is about continuous improvement and I think that there is not one competitor out there who has a similar ethic about their program.

My stores:

The graphics were all done by me and my staff as a staff exercise (I run a sort of mentoring program with my business).
Please note ESP has a fantastic graphics/web design arm, far superior to anything I have done on my sites.
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An intellectually supported and professionally written review.
21 Apr 2010
A well thought out, carefully worded, and well-organized review. VERY impressive. Thank you for making the effort and taking the time to help others online. Theresa@KidzKubby
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