The best I've used so far

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The best I've used so far
2 Aug 2009
Always concerned about anything that is free, but I must say this is one sniper service that works very well and actually delivers the bid on time. I used at least 6 major paid auction sniper services previously (for over 10 years) and found that they would always bid way early, like 20-30 seconds, when you set it at 3-6 seconds, or completely missed the bid. Emailed them to find out what the problem was, and always some lame excuse.The older/larger the service, I think the worse they bid. Sometimes it seemed that some of these services intentionally bid early to drive up the bid activity. The ideally sniper service, you should be able to set it and forget it. Saves you a lot of time.

As I said I am leery of anything that is free, but with Gixen I was pleasantly surprised that it was simple and delivered the bids on time. I can't remember a snipe that was not placed and all bids were +/-2 seconds of scheduled. I initially used the free service, and when I found it worked well I ended up adding their mirror site, just for piece of mine. I used Gixen a little over 1year and have had NO compromise of privacy and NO advertisement banners or emails. When's the last time you've seen that at a site. Gets my rare 5 star approval.
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