tracks ALL profits/expense histroy for eBay sales

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tracks ALL profits/expense histroy for eBay sales
3 Aug 2009
I think this is great service and inexpensive. i dont know anything about accounting. As seller on eBay, i figured i was making money when my checking account went up. with new tax laws, i started looking into software to figure profits/income and expense.

this is great, goes back up to 18 months, has every single expense associated with each item i sell, even when item numbes change with relistings or when i mov eitems into store! i can also sell on consignemtn now. Auction Tracking does all the work, i dont need to do anything except print the incoice for my consignees.

really cool service. if you look on twitter and even eBay, you can usually find a free month promo code, i think the one i found on twitter expired, but feel free to try anyway ATT11015
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