It kills us to see what Auctiva has done to Auction Sentry

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It kills us to see what Auctiva has done to Auction Sentry
15 Aug 2009
As all the recent reviews say, Auction Sentry is at this point, next to useless. I have submitted tech support requests for months now, and each time they say that the upcoming Beta or version will fix the problem, and each time the problems remain unfixed.

That Auctiva also owns an online sniping application called "Auction Sniper" is worth considering. I can't tell if they are just letting Auction Sentry die from deliberate neglect to favor Auction Sniper, or can't fix Auction Sentry due to incompetance, but the outcome is the same.

Now, the bid count remains at zero no matter how many bids an item has. Now, when your pending price is outbid there is no alarm or warning. The application just sits there, reporting no bids and if you are not careful to look at the current price you may have no way of knowing your pending bid is now useless. Now, High Bidder is no longer reported as it used to.

Fortunately it does still place a bid on time, and for a few seconds there is a pop-up alert when new bids are detected, but that screen eventually times out. So it's not entirely useless, just 85% broken.

The funny thing is, there is nothing preventing Auctiva's "support" people from loading up some auctions and seeing this for themselves, yet they act as though we were the first ones on the planet to have such a problem. A visit to the (now offline) Auction Sentry Community Forum would reveal there are many people worldwide having these problems and frustrations that are not being fixed by Auctiva in Chico, California.

Every time I have heard back from "Todd K" he advises I "must have some corrupted auction files" and how I should delete all auctions in the application, then delete the Auctions 1 file then unistall the program, then re-install the program again, and voila, it doesn't make any difference.

Dan Hite never, ever suggested this "corrupted auction files" stuff, to us it sounds like a doctor who is telling you that you have a 'virus' (because he has no clue what is actually making you sick.

I would strongly urge anyone having problems with this once great software to add your complaint to the North East California Better Business Bureau.

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An alternative to ASD
18 Aug 2009
I will be filing my complaint with North East California Better Business Bureau. I have 8 months to go on my subscription and feel sorry for those with 3 year subscriptions. Hopefully ASD members have the link to this website. All links to posts having to do with this type of post on Auction Sentry Community now receive a "Could not obtain post/user information" response.

In the meantime an alternative to ASD that has a 5 star rating is: "JoyBidder eBay Auction Sniper", and can be found here:

It requires using Firefox as your browser. It is not freeware, but has a 30 day trial period. A 1 year license costs $9.95, and renewals are $6.85. It does everything ASD is supposed to do +. Worth a try, and can't be worse than ASD.
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