everything I need under one roof :)

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everything I need under one roof :)
18 Aug 2009
I have tried many kits to get my several eBay stores, Amazon and 3 websites working together and save some time sending out hudreds of orders a day. This one is the only one that works. I guess the best thing about it is that its PC application rather than annoying website based solutions, which look flash but always slow. And of course the fact that its very flexible when it comes to pluging your website to it. It can virtually work with any cart platform - even my own bespoke cart pluged in couple of hours sitting down with our web developer - no extra costs.

I have been running the system for 3 month and I think I got everything smoothly running now. I can genuinly say it saves me 4 hours a day as minimum and saves me from overselling - which is A HUGE PLUS!

Ok instead of rambeling about this and thats here is pros and cons

- Very nice and easy to follow user interface
- Very fast - everything is done to automate everything, everywhere. There is internal programming language (Marcos) - looks very promising.
- integrates with any website
- direct royal mail despatch express integration, ppi and fedex
- automated import/export of data
- everything is/can be barcoded (invoices, labels, stock labels)
- ends listings on ebay if I run out
- synchronizes all stock levels on all channels automatically - IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

- its desktop and the database is on my pc, I have to back it up all the time and setting up. Works over the network but setting it up was a challange.
- no ebay, amazon listing - not huge but it would be nice
- packed with features when you open it for the first time - looks a bit to fat at first - in the end everything is in the right places, it's a little scary at first.

I must say couple of words about their techical support. Its absolutely brilliant - they answer emails within half an hour (I sent 272 emails so far, and all got a reply - i think about 50 of them went in one day Online chat support is knowledgeble beyond believe, connect to my pc remotely and flashes the mouse so quickly it makes me dizzy. Overall any issue got resolved in less than a day.

Its by far the best toy in town!
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