Auctiva ? I think not.

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Auctiva ? I think not.
25 Aug 2009
A one star rating because there isnt a lower one.

Auctiva was a good idea. For good idea's to be great they need to be maintained and improved.

I used them since June or so of 2008. My constant complaints were met with answers that typically took one of several paths 'you need to do xxxx to your system', 'we cant replicate the problem here, sorry' , or answers that has zero bearing on the issue.

I lived with their bs until June 2009 when they started talking of charging. I, like a great many of their users, expected a number of site upgrades. Those apparently still have not happened. At least from what their CEO Jeff said that is sure what I expected.

Their word processor still doesnt work, last input from support was ' we are working on it'
Their hit counter has NEVER worked correctly.
Their bulk pic uploader doesnt work.
Ect, ect ect ect as stated by a famous movie star.

After spending days on with so called support in frustration I posted in the forums an item by item listing of my complaints including one posted to one of the CEO started ones.

It was long, detailed and T R U T H F U L. It was also extremely blunt.

Auctiva's answer wasnt even sent to me. I checked the forums bout 3 hours later and found my comments gone. I found out why when I tried to repeat the post.

"Account Suspended: Your account has been suspended."

There are only 2 things I have found that seem to always work at Auctiva.....
Confusion and constant site errors.
A billing dept that seems to work instantly.

I relocated to SSB where life has again become rosy. Easy to use site, a remarkably responsive support staff that actually knows what they are doing and even positive comments from eBay buyers of how nice and clear my listings now are.
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Auctiva - a HUGE disappointment
1 Apr 2010
My friend, I could not have said it better!
And I'm right behind you so tell me what is SSB so I too can finally find listing happiness!
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