Seller Sourcebook wrote the book on USER FRIENDLY & LIGHTNING FAST TECH SUPPORT!!!!!

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Seller Sourcebook wrote the book on USER FRIENDLY & LIGHTNING FAST TECH SUPPORT!!!!!
4 Oct 2009
I LOVE Seller Sourcebook!!!
They don't deserve 5 stars. THEY DESERVE 10 STARS!!!!!!!!!! It is so super easy & user-friendly to learn how to create attractive & professional-looking auctions. The templates are all gorgeous, and there is one for everything I could ever possibly find to sell. I am 61 years old, and not terribly computer-savvy. But they make everything so incredibly easy. When I'm looking at the templates and trying to decide which one to use, I'm totally like a kid in a candy store. I love them all!!!
And the customer/tech support folks are the best I've ever dealt with when it comes to things having to do with the computer, etc. Every time I've ever had a question or problem, which is rare, I'M ALWAYS AMAZED AT THE SPEED, HELPFULNESS & FRIENDLINESS IN WHICH THEY RESPOND! If I'm stumped about how to do something, they'll even email me photos of how my computer screen looks, and make a diagram (draw me a picture) so I can "get a visual" of what I need to do, send me links, etc., AND ALL WITHOUT MY HAVING TO ASK THEM TO!!! And they are always gracious, and never fail to thank me for my business and wish me a nice day. Now if that's not tech support, I don't know what is! They have definitely written the book on how to run a business! THEY ARE THE GOLD STANDARD BY WHICH ALL OTHER AUCTION/PHOTO HOSTING BUSINESSES SHOULD BE MEASURED. They have my business for life! Oh yes, did I mention they're very economical??
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