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ExpertGameroom and dallasgolf
10 Nov 2009
I tried to contact ExpertGameroom and dallasgolf to learn more about their experiences. ExpertGameroom is out of business on eBay as of last March with around 780 feedback and has no website. dallasgolf is now with ChannelAdvisor. They said that experiences with Infopia were very poor and they are not sure who posted the comment on this site -- they say that they didn't.

I would be interested in talking with companies that have had success. We're going through problems getting the help through tech support. Thanks
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ExpertGameroom and dallasgolf
17 Nov 2009
I just want to pick up on your point about reviews by ExpertGameroom and dallasgolf.

These member accounts are registered to email addresses hosted at and ExpertGameroom did set up a page on their website about Infopia - which is linked to in their review, and the link did work at the time the review was posted.

The reason the people you spoke to said that they did not post these reviews could be that somebody else at the business posted them, or that they simply don't remember - they are between 2 and 3 years old.

By the way, HerbR in the forum has been looking into Infopia, you might be able to get in touch with him. See here:
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