Sure is a big improvement over the mishandled Auction Sentry!

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Sure is a big improvement over the mishandled Auction Sentry!
25 Nov 2009
Boy, after Dan Hite sold Auction Sentry it went downhill on a rocket sled. My subscription (finally) ran out and damned if I was going to give Auctiva a dime more.
But what to do? A reviewer here (over on the A.S. reviews suggested JBidWatcher so I tried it-

Yeah! Worked fine the first time. The "synch time with eBay" did not line up with eBay time very well, though, so I set up my Windows Internet Time Synch to tap into the NIST server for our zone and it's been aces, a 5-second snipe setting resulted in an 8-second win, close enough for rock 'n roll.

For those migrating from Auction Sentry you will have a short period of figuring out how to do the things you did with the A.S. interface (back when it WORKED that is), but before long you'll have it dialed in no problem.

I like that you can drag an eBay auction page straight from the I.E. browser address bar into JBidWatcher and voilĂ ! Your auction is added, no fooling around with auction numbers.

There is no multiple user-logins available at this time for JBid, but otherwise this is a very suitable substitute for the price (a donation) over A.S. Deluxe.

Recommended especially for those of us on a budget!
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Auction Sentry Now a Fraud
9 Oct 2011
I've emailed Auctiva about the fact that eBay item numbers no longer work in Auction Sentry, and received no reply. Finally downloaded the new version and set up a bid on an auction. Watched as the end time came and went with no bid placed by AS. I emailed about this, again with no response.
This was excellent piece software at one time, but Dan Hite sold out to a party that apparently has no compunction in defrauding Dan's old customer base. Mr. Hite could have structured the deal to protect his customer base. I would recommend steering clear of any future ventures he is involved with, since he is either unable or unwilling to exert any discipline to protect the investments and good faith of his old customers. Avoid:
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