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15 Dec 2009
love love love this. makes selling on consiognemnt easy. makes me a better eBay seller in general.

had some technical issues, but customer service is great and fixed issues quickly. dont know how they do it, but you dont need to download anything or learn anything about accounting anymore!!!!!

once you log in, Auction Tracking gets all your transaction data (even if you relisted the item or moved it into store - they still track it together as one item for profit and loss) and generates reprots showing profit and losses. the only info you need to add is the item cost - which ebay does not know. i sell a lot on eBay, this was taking me hours a week to do, now i dont spend any time on accounting or tracking sales.

Auction tracking gets info form eBay every 10 or 20 minutes, meaning my data is always real time. this has made me money, saved me a lot of time, and makes me a better sell on ebay - how do i buy stock in this company

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