Beware the current culture

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Beware the current culture
26 Dec 2009
I was a happy inkFrog customer for many years. Recently they started a new version IF2.
It stinks. Much harder to work with. I am not talking about resistance to change, I am talking about bad programing.
The tech help has also deteriorated recently.
Today I went to log onto their forums. I got a message that I am banned.
Reason, NO REASON.
This seemed a bit untowards so I wrote a support ticket asking what was going on.
No answer, ticket closed.
I wrote a second ticket, stays open no response.
This is the kind of attitude the owner Greg has been dispalaying lately.
It seems that if someone has been using the forum to say the Emporor has no clothes, they get banned.
They have been claiming that the first version is dangerous to use for months. I use it every day and it works fine.
The site was as good as the other reviewers say, Beware the new version, beware management.
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Ditto on Hecto's comments
6 Mar 2010
I recall Hecto when he was on ink Frog. Don't know why he got banned, but I understand that he was not the first. I'm probably going to be next on the banned list! Anyway, he is right - their management has lost touch with the customer base and appears to not care what is happening. They have stuff in place to make it a really GREAT management solution, but if they don't get their act together and fix existing issues, they'll be banning a LOT more of us!
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