Works but with many problems, tech support needs tech support.

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Works but with many problems, tech support needs tech support.
3 Jan 2010
For a single user the program works well. In some cases the program malfunctions and does not place the bids when it was suppose to. The program lacks a logging feature so the user can figure out what went wrong and why. The creator of the program promises, “(purchase price allows up to 4 users in the same household)”. I bought the program over a year ago and since I have been requesting instructions on how to use the program with a 2nd eBay user account but with no response. When I attempt to switch to a 2nd user the program prompts me to buy it again. Support will not answer any of my requests.
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Fully automatic error reporting featured recently added
18 Sep 2011
A fully automatic error reporting feature has been added several weeks ago which automatically detects problems and asks if you want to send the error report, if you answer yes within a fraction of a second the error report will be emailed to me for investigation. This makes resolving any possible issue quick and easy.

If you have not gotten a response to my messages it is because they got blocked by junk mail filters as I answer every message I receive. Please contact me and I will add the additional users for you.
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