Inkfrog supposed to save seller's fees on ebay

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Inkfrog supposed to save seller's fees on ebay
6 Jan 2010
I am still waiting for word back from inkFrog, but I just started with them last nite after also started to work with Auctiva and that not working out either. I was told that if we listed items on ebay through inkfrog we would not have to worry about ebay seller fees except the final value fee? Well that does not appear to be true. I got two listings done and they charged me $2.35 to do the listings! So I had to immediately end the listings and contact Inkfrog to find out what was going on. When I got their response this morning, they said I would still have to pay listing fees with ebay whether I used them or not! I emailed them again to ask if this is just during the trial or all the time and am waiting for a response. What is the purpose of inkfrog if ebay Still charges listing fees even when you use Inkfrog. The whole premise of the company from my understanding is so we Won't Have to Pay Ebay's High Listing Fees! If they don't help with that, then it seems like a scam and fradulent advertisement. I will get back with you after I get their response.
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Dude you shouldn't even be posting here about ebay or inkfrog
6 Feb 2010
How can you rate inkFrog 1 star because you thought you would be no ebay listing fee's as that is not inkfrogs doing but ignorance. Nobody gets free listings on ebay unless promotional.
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27 Feb 2010
Whio told you inkFrog would get you out of Ebay fees?
GOD could not eliminate ebay fees.
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