NO Ebay Store Listings and Makes You Pay High Ebay Listing Fees WIth Added options

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NO Ebay Store Listings and Makes You Pay High Ebay Listing Fees WIth Added options
6 Feb 2010
Good Support and program but staff clueless on what ebay sellers need after chatting with them. As great programmers and awesome templates as infact the best looking out their anywhere if you can find one to match your product line. But is slow since it is a advanced software program.
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eBay processes your listing fees, not Page Mage
7 May 2010

Thank you for you trying Page Mage. We are a new company and we are working on adding as many eBay listing features as we can, while maintaining ease of use. So, if you don't see a listing feature you need today, it's likely we're working on adding it. Email us at support at pagemage dot com for feature suggestions.

We can only estimate the eBay fees in the listing tool. eBay's pricing is complex and changes frequently. We cannot check prices in real time or the program would be constantly polling eBay, which takes a few seconds for each request we send. As a result, we only verify the price with eBay when we send the final listing to be posted. You WILL be charged the correct amount from eBay. We do not process the charges, it is all done directly by eBay as we do not have any of your account information. We only send the listing data using an abstract token that identifies each customer. I'll look to see how we can make this more clear.

-Page Mage Inc
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