If you are considering using kyozou............RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!

A review of Kyozou by labelleschina
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If you are considering using kyozou............RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!
17 Feb 2010
Horrible..............we were with Kyozou for almost 2 years. Not only is it fairly expensive, we were paying over 500.00 per month, but tech support is virtually nonexistent. If you love to be told that it is 'user error' over and over again, then by all means go ahead and sign up. Their promises are worthless. We were told that they could track everything that a user did, well that simply is horse patoties. Their last major screwup cost us several hundred dollars, when we asked them to provide the data to support their position that it was, yet again, supposedly user error, we were advised it was not possible, there simply couldn't store the data on their servers.

Even when they actually admitted the problem was on their end, they then tried to convince us that the restored data was current, again, horse patoties, the data was a least two weeks old. It was a disaster.....

During the two years, at least 5 MAJOR screw ups and each and every time, WE had to mange the 'fix', costing us countless time and expense.

RUN, Run, run
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Chris Jordan
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A discussion about this unfortunate situation
23 Feb 2010
Hello Susan,
I am new to Kyozou and would like to talk with you regarding your feedback on this forum. I have sent you an email to invite a conversation and hopefully understand more about your thoughts on this posting and where we may have failed you as a Kyozou client. You can reach me at 1-877-596-0081 at your convenience and would appreciate the opportunity to hear your side of this situation.
Best regards.

Chris Jordan
Sales manager
Kyozou Inc.
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Chris Jordan is no longer with Kyozou.
13 Aug 2010
I guess Chris saw that he could not help this nightmare and moved on. Here is his linkedin page. Does not look like he was there for very long. I cannot blame him. When lots of people are complaining about a problem they are not looking for excuses... They are looking for things to change. Change is something that Kyozou seems to know little about.

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