Not OK with Vendio

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Not OK with Vendio
20 Feb 2010
All I can say is "I'm leaving you and going with one of your competitors" Last night was the last straw. For months I had problems with getting anything from their customer service. I thought they simply didn't like me. I did some investigating last might and found out I am paying far too much not just in money but my time.

My conversion to Vendio was not supported what so ever. I tried contacting them via emails with my issues and over time it became apparent they could not resolve the issues or simply didn't try to understand it. Worst, their HELP is so outdated. I determined most of solutions myself by trial and error considerable time being wasted. Hit the search engines tto see if others where having problems. My goodness I am not that evil person after all other users where questioning VENDIO's system bugs and lack of customer service. One of those bugs cost me sales because of the huge shipping quotes Vendio was reporting to the seller. I looked at my records and for combined shipping there was a refund. I am not talking about a few dollars, but 10s of dollars. With my past history with customer service, I just didn't want to report the problem and have them ignored again.

That FREE web site well it is not showing up on GOOGLE as promised. It might be me, but than again it might not be. I just don't have the time to waste any more.

VENDIO, you need a wake up call. Where is your QA and support?
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