Which of these mgmt and research programs is best?

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Which of these mgmt and research programs is best?
2 Feb 2006
I've bought a bunch on eBay but I'm new to the selling aspect and would like to get into it full-time if I can. I've been looking for a research program and a management program to use. I've been going through posts and reviews on this site for a couple days now and I've got my research programs narrowed down to either Terapeak, deepanalysis or Auction Intelligence. And I've got my management programs narrowed down to either AuctionSage, Selling Manager, or Auctiva.

Now I'm know I'm new and some might say that it would be best if I'd go with something super simple and super cheap and then move to something else later on. But I'd rather just find something and plan on sticking with the same program indefinitely, and maybe just upgrade to a different plan within the program.

As far as research programs are concerned, I really don't know what to look for even if I'm using a trial of the program. I've read that DeepAnalysis and Terapeak use official Ebay licensed data and Auction Intelligence doesn't. Since I think you can only look up completed auctions from the past 3 weeks, wouldn't that mean that it would take Auction Intelligence a lot longer to come up with accurate results? With the other two programs, I think you get between 60-90 days worth of completed listings. Again I'm new to selling and I don't know if maybe it's all not a big deal. DeepAnalysis seems like it's the cheapest in the long run, with Terapeak being the most expensive. But I'm willing to spend a little more if it's worth it.

As for the management programs, I know Auctiva is free, but is it just for hobby sellers or can it handle more than that? It seems like AuctionSage is the best regardless of cost, plus it just added that "Sell-Through Analyst" tool, but I'm not sure how it'd work if I'd have an eBay store. It's nice that it's desktop based so I wouldn't have to worry so much about downtime, but if I'd be using two computers (a desktop and a laptop) to manage everything, it'd cost twice as much a month (since it costs for each computer). I thought maybe Selling Manager would cause the least amount of headaches since it's run by eBay and if eBay changes somethin, I'm assuming Selling Manager would just update with no problems. And I know if you buy a Featured eBay Store for $50/month you get Selling Manager Pro for free with it. But if something like AuctionSage is better in the long run, I'd rather just start with that and stick with it.

Sorry that was so long. Any and all comments will be most appreciated. And again, cost isn't much of a concern for me as long as the program is worth every penny of the cost. Cost only becomes an issue if it's a lot more expensive, like ChannelAdvisor, which is atleast twice as much as all the other management programs I'm considering.

Thanks for your help!!

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Re: Which of these mgmt and research programs is b
7 Feb 2006
Hi underdog, and welcome!

As you are just starting up your eBay business I think there is nothing wrong with starting simple and cheap. At this stage it is often the case that you "don't know what you don't know" and need to get stuck into the selling processes to learn what it is all about - when you have more experience you will have more ideas of what you need from management and research tools.

If you jump in with one of the services for high-volume sellers you could spend more time learning how to use it than you do selling. Many people start with eBay's own tools because of the convenience and quick start-up, and move onto third-party tools when they specific needs or high volumes that eBay tools can't handle.

If you have tried some of the research services and don't know what to look for, you probably don't need a research service! You will get much more out of it when you have some definite questions to ask, rather than just searching around and pressing a few buttons.

I believe that you get up to a year of data with the licensed services, while the unlicensed ones use the completed items search so just get two weeks at a time - but you get the full raw data to play with and can build up the big picture over time. Again, it depends on what you want. AuctionIntelligence and Terapeak and DeepAnalysis are all available now on a monthly basis so you can pay as you go.

AuctionSage has a very loyal following, mainly due to the developer's quick reaction both to user requests and eBay changes. But it is an unlicensed program, so could still breakdown from time to time (not that licensed software never fails!)

I hope that's of some help!
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Re: Which of these mgmt and research programs is b
8 Feb 2006
Hey Andy thanks for replying. What you said about starting sellers using eBay's own tools makes sense, so I think I'll just start with a Featured eBay store which includes Selling Manager Pro and see how that goes. And I guess I'll hold off on starting a research program subscription until I get more familiar and experienced with the selling scene. Thanks for the advice!

Although if anyone has any experience with both Terapeak and deepanalysis and prefers one over the other I'd still like to know. They both seem so similiar I'd like to hear what other sellers think.

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Re: Which of these mgmt and research programs is b
9 Feb 2006
Hi underdog,

Just to build on what Andy said, and give you a bit of background on AuctionIntelligence...there are definitely some benefits to using a tool like DA that uses the eBay API, but there are limitations as well. For instance, AuctionIntelligence can show you which sellers (specifically) are selling the items that you are interested in, or are the top sellers for a category, so that you can see how they list their items and emulate them (or not). Also, AuctionIntelligence downloads all of the data into a database on your local computer, so if you continue to run the same search over several months (or years as some customers have done) then you can start to see much longer trends (year over year for instance) than in other tools.

I've included an image of the "Price Over Time" report for TurboTax Deluxe during the 2004 tax year, so you can get one example of how historical data is shown, though there are many more reports that are available in the product.

(you can see more sample reports here: www.certes.net/AuctionIntelligence/Server/samples.aspx, and of course you can try AI for free - there's even an Auction Software Review special that you can take advantage of here.)

For this report, you can see a lot of information to get a sense of the "market" for a product:
* avg, high, low prices by day on the top chart
* volume (number of items listed each day) in yellow
* Sell-through % (the percentage of items that ended in a sale, as oppossed to getting 0 bids or not meeting reserve) in black on the bottom chart.


TurboTax Deluxe - Price Over Time
auctionintelligence/server/samples/200401/TurboTax%202002%20Deluxe%20-%2041%20-%20POTR%20EndDayYear.gif" />

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