problem with eBay sync and SKU

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problem with eBay sync and SKU
24 Feb 2010
I've been trying this program almost for 3 weeks to fit myself using this program because I really love this program. At first I'm been impressive with the easiness and multi-site-sync program. But I was wrong. I'm mainly using this program to manage multi-eBay accounts and websites. Some products are unable to download for managing the orders. Some products downloaded are matched incorrectly with another products.

I'm not sure if this is a good program for Amazon sellers using this tool. But I'm definitely not going to buy this program unless this problem is going to be solved.

Though it is not usable to me, I rate it a four stars. One star less because of the above issues.
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managing inventory across channels
23 Mar 2010
The system is built on flexible products to listings linking. Meaning you can have multiple listings for the same product, hence you need to map your listings to the products in your inventory. I reckon where you went wrong is assuming the system will do it for you by default (appologies for causing a confusion in this case). Basically once your products in Linnworks have mappings to all listings across different channels, either by SKU or a title or a custom label or whatever bit of information available on your listings you can use to uniquely identifiy the listing. Linnworks will take over and will be able to change available inventory on Amazon, end listings on eBay, relist them, and change available quantity (the same goes for all other channels).
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I have already bought Linnworks
24 Mar 2010
Hi, I've bought Linnworks because all difficulties are gone in the latest update. Thanks. I really love the program!
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What field of retail are you working in ?
31 Mar 2010
Are your eBay and Amazon integrations working properly? Are you based in the US? What e-commerce platform are you using?
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