Used To Be Great, Now Pretty Sad

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Used To Be Great, Now Pretty Sad
6 Mar 2010
Like a couple other folks, I'd been an IF user for a few years and really liked them compared to the "free" Auctiva and Turbo Lister. However, they have gone downhill big time in the past 12 months. Perhaps it was the inflow from the Auctiva refugees, I don't know. Many of us have had problems where all or most of our uploaded images simply disappear. Tech Support has been of very little help. They have a user forum with one thread for "Announcements from management". You'd think that SOMEONE in management would make an entry regarding image loss issues. Nope. Silence. Direct email messages to Greg, the CEO, go un-answered. Didn't use to be that way.

There are small things in the IF system that could be considered broken or maybe simply annoying. As a retired IT professional with 40 years experience, I KNOW that correcting some of those annoyances would take no more than 20 minutes of programmer effort. But, do they work on fixing these problems. Nope, they keep rolling out new features and new templates. Why not make the existing system easy to use and less annoying instead of all this new stuff?

Well, I've had it. My auction listings are now being built on Seller Source Book, and I'll bid Adios to ink Frog in a week or so. I don't think I'm gonna be alone.....
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