When it works its ok

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When it works its ok
18 Mar 2010
I have used aab for several years now and it was a great program in the beginning. i really enjoyed it, but for the last year now its a total toss up. it might bid or you might get an error. ive sent several e-mails to support but there has never been a fix for the problems ive been experencing. ive missed alot of nice items with aab knowing that i should have stayed an watched the auction myself but thats what the aab program was suppose to do for me. so ive uninstalled it. i havent found any better than aab just wish they would fix the issues
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Not even worth installing if you were paid to.
30 Mar 2010
tnwaxman is spot on in his description and likewise I lost a lot of bids due to it's unreliable processes.

I'm chasing rare motor scooter parts that may never come up again. I just couldn't relax using AAB and having it decide at whim whether it would bid or not.

The Sniper add-on by myibay for Firefox is pretty good and costs nothing.

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Please contact me to get the latest update, there are no known issues
18 Sep 2011
Please contact me so I can give you the link to download the latest version, there are no known issues and with the new Online bidding option you can guarantee 99.9-100% bidding reliability at all times.
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