It’s worth the effort of setting it up!!!

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It’s worth the effort of setting it up!!!
23 Mar 2010
Have been using the system for 4 month so far. It is a mission to set up and get everything working like a clock but once you do it delivers really well.

Currently doing order fulfilment from eBay (2 account), Amazon (3 accounts), Play and 2 Magento sites. To get all orders from all channels was easy, to get stock control working with all of them takes time and patience.

Also print royal mail and UPS labels at a click of a button for all orders is simply brilliant - it saves us on average 2 hours a day.

Overall - well designed, feature-rich system, would highly recommend.
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Linnworks Feedback Needed
31 Mar 2010
I desperately need new software to help me sync up our site (Magento) 2 eBay ID's and one Amazon ID. We deal with footwear and have 1000's of sku's on hand at any given time. I researched multiple solutions online and am no closer today to making a decision that I was when I got started. I am looking for someone in the retail industry who has used, is happy and would recommend ANY software. Your help is appreciated.
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