Gixen ebay login and password

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Gixen ebay login and password
4 Apr 2010
hi, i am looking for a snipe service and found Gixen. there are possitive and negative reviews on this site so i was apprehensive. after looking around, i thought i would give it a try. on Gixen's home page there are no links to sign up for the service, only blanks to enter you EBAY LOGIN and PASSWORD. whoa, this slowed me down. but apparently the owner of Gixen has been on this site leaving posts so i thought i would try it. the worst that might happen is i would change my ebay password. so i typed in my login and password and guess didn't go anywhere...the next page said "Cookies are disabled in your browser. Gixen requires cookies in order to store session id after you log in. Please enable cookies (or add Gixen to the list of sites for which they are accepted) in your browser and sign in again."

COOKIES ARE NOT DISABLED IN MY BROWSER. in fact, i have never gotten a cookie message from any web site.

if anyone knows that i have made a mistake, please let me know. i do not want to hurt Gixen if they are legit but it is scary what happened to me. i have changed my ebay password because of this, thanks!
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cookies problem
14 Apr 2010
soundtroll, note that this is quite an unusual and rare problem, and probably caused by a bad browser. If you try a different browser you will most likely log in without any problems. Make sure that your system time is correct, this also matters.

The reason for using cookies is to store a session id, instead of having it as "GET" variable as was previously the case, which was a security issue (see to understand why cookies were introduced).

However, since cookies were introduced, some users occasionally (though rare) get this problem.

There was no need to be concerned about security of your ebay account, more than 140,000 users have used Gixen so far, and no account has ever been compromised.

Mario Vodopivec, Gixen.
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4 Oct 2010
I saw this post pretty late, but better late than never they say...

Gixen started using cookies to eliminate a (slight) security issue over sending a session id unprotected (see Gixen forum for details).

Most users who get message "cookies disabled" use some kind of popup blocker. While Gixen doesn't (and never will) use any popups, it does use redirection, and these popup blockers interfere with it.

As for lack of signup - the real question is - why other services use sign-up at all? It's absolutely unnecessary and intrusive, as everything needed to place a bid at ebay is username & password. Gixen doesn't care, and doesn't even want to keep any of your personal data, including email address.

Mario Vodopivec (of Gixen).
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Not a problem really
3 Jun 2011
I get this 'issue' occasionally, but really it's not a problem, as a quick refresh of the page clears it. When it does happen (once in a blue moon) it only takes a second to get rid of and I think the fact that this amazing service is free, greatly outweighs this negligible factor.
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