This rubbish is the pits

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This rubbish is the pits
14 Apr 2010
I have just read a comment that said this is the best sniper program, if that's so I would hate to try the worst cos this program stinks, every so called update (you have to accept them) seems to take it further from working properly. Mine is now completely unusable and as for support - forget it, they just don't bother to answer. So AAB I hope you read this cos you don't read your support requests do you.
A complete waste of 14.99
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Every single support request gets a reply, if it doesn't it got blocked by your junk mail filter
18 Sep 2011
I answer absolutely every single message without exception, if you did not get a reply then the message got blocked by junk mail filters which is common, that's why I've developed the support center several years ago which ensures trouble free communication and prevents messages from not getting delivered.

This software has well over 7000 paying users and over 99% are beyond satisfied and they regularly tell me so. As with any computer program, conflicts with other software are possible, that's why I offer support to resolve such issues or give a full refund in the event that I can't find a solution.

Please contact me to get this issue resolved or your full money back.
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