Inkfrog False Advertizing?

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Inkfrog False Advertizing?
18 Apr 2010
I was not sure what to say in the summary as I had a very strange and negative experience with inkFrog.

I joined Inkfrog in September of 2009. I selected them over SellerSourcebook due to the free BISI store offer. In November I opened a ticket about how to set it up and got a nice reply telling me to go to the BISI site. I did not have time to set it up, at that time.

So I opened a new ticket the other day for information about how to set it up, especially after going to BISI and finding it was renamed to Highwire.

Inkfrog responded quickly that the offer expired in July of 2009. This began a series of exchanges that left me feeling as if I was misled by false advertising.

I replied that I signed up when it was still valid and requested the offer be honored, and asked this to be escalated. This seemed reasonable as my understanding is the owner of Inkfrog is also the owner of Highwire (BISI).

The response was "I am head of support and the rule is that if the buyitsellit - highwire account was not made by July 2009 then the offer is no longer valaid. " So, no escalation. In one of the replies I was told there was no one to escalate this to. Is there no management above the head of customer service?

I asked how customer's were notified of the expiration date and if an email was sent out. I checked my emails and added that I signed up in September of 2009 and why was the offer still on the website? All I received was "It was stated on the site that the store had to be open and linked to your inkfrog account by July 31, 2009 for the free store. "

Notifying customer's by a post on a website, instead of sending them an email, is very lame in my opinion. Its strange how they don't have a problem sending an email when they charge your credit card. This sort of lines up with there being no written documentation, when i signed up, on how things worked or how to set up your listings. Just a video or two, if I remember correctly. How hard can it be to do a doc with a procedure to setup the system and do a listing?

Part of my effort was to understand where I might have been mistaken. But the responses were not helpful and a little frustrating.

Continued exchanges, in my opinion, only confirmed more of what I experienced and confirmed the decline at Inkfrog and their customer service, as noted on this site.

My old tickets disappeared when they installed new software and did not migrate the existing tickets. When I commented on why I was getting 404 errors for complaints on the community forum, I was told it was because they installed new forum software. I think they need a database person to help them migrate data.

Based on my experience, I am canceling my account and recommend that you find another service. SellerSourceBook seems to have good reviews here. I will try them.

I have benefited from honest reviews for the last two years and felt it was time I contributed my experiences to help someone else make an informed choice.
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Deadline was Posted?
15 May 2010
I came in during the influx of Auctiva refugees and I got several emails and there were announcements regarding the deadline for your BISI (now Highwire) store for members to take advantage of the offer. I opened mine and in less than a year online I've had better success and more business than I bargained for.
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