At first I LOVED it - Now it is JUNK

A review of Auction Auto Bidder by bigkitty
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At first I LOVED it - Now it is JUNK
29 Apr 2010
Auction Auto Bidder worked GREAT when I first bought it. Then they forced an update on me, and it quit working. I lost 2 items I REALLY WANTED! I tried uninstalling the App, and reinstalling the original version without taking any updates. I sat and watched as it did it's countdown thing, then just failed to bid on a THIRD item I desperately wanted. Needless to say, I feel my $15 purchase price was totally wasted. Oh, well.....
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this program is a total waste of money...don't buy, don't use!
27 Nov 2010
well i have lost 3 out of 4 snipes with this program due to it not even bidding on the 3 it lost and my max bid was at least £5 higher than it sold for......only reason it won 1st 1 was because there were no current bidds on it.
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Auction Auto Bidder
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Product comes with free lifetime support, please take advantage of it
18 Sep 2011
I'm sorry to hear the software has failed to bid for you. Updates are needed in order to stay up to date with eBay. Please contact me and I will make sure the issue is resolved or give you a complete refund.
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