New Overstock and Wholesale Auction

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New Overstock and Wholesale Auction
2 Feb 2006
We hope all is well and Happy Day!
We have launched our website 3 weeks ago. This site will be a great place to buy and sell, all items that are listed in this website will make great profits on eBay, and you are also welcome to start selling on our website. We have focused much of this time to develop an auction site and community to something that sets us apart as something different. Within the next two weeks we will be launching the latest evolution of our website and much more items and auctions.
Starting February 15, 2006, will launch the first wave of our marketing/advertising initiatives. These initiatives have a big budget associated with them. This first wave will focus on the major metropolitan areas of Greater New York City and Greater Toronto.

Liquidationtime will be a key player in the online auctions world. Many key eBay sellers are already listing with us; we encourage you to be a part of it too.

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Re: New overstock and wholesale auction
3 Feb 2006
I joined your web site 2 weeks ago.
I won two auctions with very good prices. Customer service is excellent. It was very easy for me to speak to customer service person and to get help on finalizing my auction. I received items as described. Very happy Customer.

Cons: For fist time buyer you must use ACH and I wish they have bigger selection.

Good luck to

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