Staff written reviews!!!

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Staff written reviews!!!
5 May 2010
I was researching sniping websites and came across the reveiws for QuickSnipe. With 57 reviews and 4.5 stars, I thought this is the one I'll register with. That is when I decided to do some more digging around and guess what? Turns out:

1) About 40 of the 57 reviews were written between 18 August 2009 and 8 September 2009.

2) These 40 reviews are all 5 stars.

3) All 40 reviews were written by 'juniors'. In other words, this is probably their first and only post.

I hope this works as a warning for other people. l have decided to move on and find some other sniping software. Definitely not Quicksnipe.
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Actually, these are all member reviews.
18 May 2010
Not sure how you can infer that these are all staff reviews. Actually these are 100% member reviews. We simply asked our members to leave a review if they liked our free service, no pressure or incentives.

Also, seems funny that you would dismiss junior member reviews, when in fact you are a junior member yourself. I guess you probably work for the competition, nice try. Our reviews speak for themselves. Our service is 100%, so people are welcome to try it and if they don't like it they can go with another provider.

Thanks to all our current and future members for all there support,

Randy McKinzie
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