Not worth the money

A review of AMan Pro by wuzzlewuzzle
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Not worth the money
7 May 2010
I really don't care to give information to my competitiors but these guys have really made me mad. I originally took the trial and did nothing with it. I couldn't remember why and came back to pay for the service to try it. Within minutes, I realized what the issues were. Many of the features are not available on the trial. After paying, you are supposed to be able to bring all orders into one document and print multiple packing slips. The problems are that the first time you do this, the program brings all of your orders in from the beginning of time and misses about half of your orders. I quickly found that you cannot do a date range search so after the first time, you have to pull in your orders from a day range that pulls everything from 24 hour increments. If you don't want to look at your orders from one minute before pulling them in, too bad. And once the orders come in for this bulk invoicing, you can't look at them again. This program is supposed to allow you to easily pull in your orders and automatically reprice based on your settings. The problem with this is that you have to work backwards through the tabs to get this to work and the tabs do not make sense. I had attempted this for about ten minutes, immediately after setting up my account and could not figure it out. The information is not in the help pages either. I sent a message asking where the hell it could be found. After, I did find the info in the user manual. Upon figuring it out, the system logged me out and would not allow me to log back in. I later found that these jerks decided to close my account stating that my e-mail was abusive and they did not like the language used. Kevin stated that he did not feel that I was the type of person he would like to have as a customer. He sent a refund, minus $5.00 that he claimed for a convenience fee. I did not get to use the software even once and had part of my money stolen by this company. Since this incident, I have found five other companies that offer the same service for one third the price and have very straightforward software. Just stay away from AMan Pro. You can get the same thing for a lot less somewhere else and have a better experience.
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