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The best out there
18 May 2010
I was originally with SpareDollar, and migrated over to inkFrog when they acquired/combined businesses.

This is going to be short and sweet just like me.. hahahahah.

Why use Inkfrog? These are the few things I like, and I use.

Customer support is phenomenal. I get personalized attention, quick, easy responses.

From their "eBay Quick Lister" to their Picture Hosting..all so easy to use. Being able to EDIT LIVE LISTINGS within Inkfrog is amazing! (Also the BULK EDITOR is excellent!)

Globals ROCK!

Great fun, current, professional templates to use.

Log in sessions never time out.

Schedule listings (saves you money you don't have to pay on eBay).

Unlimited photo insertion.. (Image management) by far the best I have ever used.

MULTIPLE eBay ID'S! You can have more then 1 selling ID and you aren't charged!

Auto Emails and Auto Feedback.

Not to mention...the PRICE is unbelievably low and for what you get it's incredible!

Sales Manager and Post Sales Rules

I cannot imagine using any other service. EVERYTHING you need in one convenient location.
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