Gixen is reliable and awesome (safe too)

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Gixen is reliable and awesome (safe too)
24 May 2010
I have been with Gixen for about a year now. Other auction snipers would mess up my eBay account
and these other auction snipers had me running scared. With some of the biggest names in Ebay auction snipers, I would receive emails that my sniper account had been compromised, password stolen and shared with others. There are enough problems with other things in life and my sniper needed to be reliable. My time is short to complete my daily tasks, so this is a big sacrifice to write this review, but Gixen is the answer to "Peace of Mind". I can not sit by the computer 24/7 and needed reliability, and accidentally stumbled across Gixen. What a miracle it is, because it has not messed up my account or let me down with my wins. Gixen wins my auctions and it bids 6 seconds out. For 6 bucks a year, Gixen can't be beat!!
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