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28 Jun 2010
This is merely a screen scraper program that isn't able to do multiple fixed price auctions. I believe this to be a hack of AID that the original developer abandoned due to the same reason.

When questioned about the multiple fixed price problem, the AuctionGenie developer had the nerve to point to the documentation that his software cannot do "dutch auctions" as I am too stupid and lazy to RTFM. After I wrote back that I wasn't inquiring about dutch auctions, but multiple fixed price auctions (eBay hasn't allowed dutch auctions in a long time), he replied that HE calls them dutch auctions. I suppose if he calls a bid a sell, we should know this as well.

The fonts are hard to read, the filemaker theme used looks as if it was written in a Baskins-Robbins when a bomb went off. The overall look and feel is amateurish at best.

It took multiple tries to get my auctions to even download. When it did, it didn't download the correct data. The software is simply a mess.

The software is defunct and should have stayed retired when the developer of AID retired it. Considering the software doesn't use eBay's api thus isn't fully functional, and the customer service to be rude, be very wary of forking over your fifty dollars. Definitely try it before you buy.

I've tried all the currently available listing software for the mac. GarageSale, imo, is by far the best of the crop.
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