Avoid - Tech Support None Existent

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Avoid - Tech Support None Existent
4 Jul 2010
We signed up for Linnworks Order Management in September 2009, it looked like the answer to our dreams!

However, although it promised us the earth, it was very, very complicated and no overall manual exists. We contacted Linn Systems to get help and paid them up front for setup.

We continued to pay the monthly subscription of £47 for 10 months and despite numerous voicemails to Linn and support emails, setup was never forthcoming.

Linn had our warehouse's contact info yet refused to be pro-active in installing preferring instead to simply take our money and avoid our calls.

Sometimes, some things look too good to be true. Linnworks Order Management is one of those things.
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6 Jul 2010
Your system was set up ages ago. The fulfilment files were uploaded to your warehouse and all the necessary preconfiguration was done at our expense actually. You were hasseling my privet mobile phone number instead of calling the office and rightly so got ignored. Emails were sent asking you to click Sync button at least to get started, which was not done for month and month and then it is somehow our fault? Wierd. We are here to design software and support the technical aspects of it - not to actually run your business!
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