A little bit overprice,but not so bad

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A little bit overprice,but not so bad
15 Jul 2010
After reading some reviews in this site,I want to share my few experience with ChannelAdvisor(short for CA) so far (two months so far).
And I hope I can keep updating this post in the coming days.

1. Easily control all your listings
This is the best part I love this system,once you create your inventory with different SKU,then all the listings can be easily sort by different criteria you wish. You can easily put a SKU on differnt schedule with different rules,and make as many as listing as you wish,and you can know how it work.

2.Template Tag
CA use a template tag in many places,so it'll let you to customize your business as much as possible,these feature includes in automation emails, listing description,posting templates,ad templates,and this will enrich your listing a lot,also make your auto email more professionals.

3. Access control
When your company goes big,and when you don't want to share too many information to one staff,then CA can help you on this,you can assign different module to different staff,restrict them in certain ebay account and etc. When you create an user account for them,they have their own account without knowing your ebay password and paypal password,in the while they also can have access to post new product for you,issue refund for you.

4. Good support service
My personal experience with CA customer service is quiet good,because my account belong to CA(Australia),not CA(United states),maybe their more free to help me up,within this two month learning,I have sent so many emails to their tech support,and I have quiet professional and prompt reply.
Also CA update their system quiet frequently,they'll issue a new release nearly every month.And this will give us a lot of confidence that the system will getting better and better.


1. Pricing
As my experience so far,this software is much overpriced, they charge you few hundred for monthly fees and also charge you a percentage GMV(Gross merchat value) commission.
What I don't like the most,it's they'll charge on each sales you made via CA,even those transaction is not successful or cancelled.
If they only charge GMV without a monthly fee,I'll definitely recommend this software to you guys.

2.Inventory Control
I don't know if other user are comfortable with feature. But I don't like it.

For example, I'm selling an cup
1. CA will ask you to put your real inventory quantity for each SKU, so I put 30 into the quantity.
2. I begin to create the listing,so I'm about to create 5 listings for fix price,5 listing for auction.
I'll put 5 quantity into each fix price listing,so according to the CA system,I'll only have 5pcs left for auction,fair enough,so I create 5 auction for the remaining cups.
3. Here is the problem,as many seller knows,there is always potential bulk buyer that will buy more then 5 item at a time,in the CA system,if you want the system control your inventory quantity,then you'll need to put your actual quantity in it,thus if someone want to buy 10item from you at a time,you might lose this deal,but actually you do have 10item for him.
I have consult this issue with CA,and there is no solution for you to create a virtual stock quantity so far,when you decide to use the inventory control(oversell protection),then you'll have this limit.

3. Images Hosting
You'd better to use the CA hosting at the first time,otherwise you'll suffer from it's weird image sync . If you host the image by yourself,you have a very high chance don't get your image sync with CA result in your image won't be able to display in your listing. And I have also report this issue with CA,hope they'll have some enhancement on this in the coming release.
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