A review of Kyozou by yoyo
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25 Aug 2010
As a current Kyozou customer (for 3+ years), I have to agree with the two most current reviews. Kyozou says they are integrated with Half and Amazon? That is a bold face lie! They are partially integrated with Amazon, and not at all with half. The Amazon integration is really frustrating at times and really needs a complete overhaul. Of course, they say they are "working on it".......

The customer support is really our main beef with these people - they have NO support. I honestly believe that I know more about their platform than their tech support people. I am no developer, but it appears that the architecture was put together over a number of years by different people with widely varying mentalities and abilities. This gives us a product that has no continuity, and is hard to figure out. Also, we deal with repeat problems over and over and over........

One star - that's all they deserve
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